Seven seconds: that’s the time between a car appearing in view and being on top of the crossing (and possibly you).

The A281 crossing on the Downs Link just south of Rudgwick remains a lethal place for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Last July Pathu Sutharsan was killed on the crossing and the Coroner’s report called on West Sussex County Council to take action to prevent further deaths there. We are now awaiting the results of the feasibility study WSCC has commissioned into how they are going to achieve this.

‘Bridge the Downs Link’ Campaign chair Hilary Jubert recently visited and filmed the approaches to the crossing. These graphically show how dangerous the current crossing is, with intimidating levels of fast moving traffic. Crossing from the north you even need to step out into the road to get a clear view of traffic coming down the hill from the Guildford direction.

Hilary asks: “Is seven seconds enough time for a group of cyclists, equestrians or a family to cross? I do not think so. Traffic does not slow or stop here, even if they see you waiting.”

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