How can I help?

Together we can make the Downs Link safe for everyone.

The easiest way to help

Write to your County councillor and MP in support of a bridge crossing!

If you don’t know who they are, simply go to the Write to Them website and enter your postcode.

We know the Downs Link attracts visitors from all over the South-East and beyond, so if you’re not local to the area and would like to show your support for the campaign please write to Joy Dennis, West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at the following email address:

Want to help but not sure what to say? Here are nine ideas for what to include in your message.


What are your experiences of using the A281 crossing on the Downs Link? Do you avoid it because it’s too dangerous?


Say a bit about yourself. Maybe you’re new to the area, have lived there a long time or are a visitor.


A bridge will make the crossing safe for walkers, cyclists and horse riders and will be inclusive to people with disabilities.


A bridge is the only permanent solution that meets everyone’s needs and that does not impact traffic flow on the A281. It is needed now to prevent further deaths!


The A281 is a Strategic Route for HGVs, and this is the only unprotected A-road crossing on the entire 37 miles of the Downs Link.


This dangerous crossing is unacceptable given that the Downs Link is promoted as a recreational route for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.


The Downs Link draws people of all ages from all over the South East and beyond, who are are sold the idea that it is a safe space for families and children to explore.


The potential of the route for commuting, tourism, leisure and disabled inclusivity is seriously eroded by lack of action to secure a safe crossing of the A281.


The Coroner called on WSCC to take action to make the crossing safe for all users of the Downs Link. The “sticking plaster“ measures taken so far do not fulfil this directive.

Write to your County councillor and MP in support of a bridge crossing!

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