Ruth Fletcher, Horsham District Councillor for Denne Ward, has spoken of the pain that every parent must have felt on hearing of the death of Pathushan Sutharsan on the Downs Link in July 2020.

A bridge over the busy road, which could cost as much as £2m, is the “right solution” which will “completely separate walkers, cyclists and horse riders from the fast, heavy traffic and will be safe for young and old alike.”

According to government estimates the cost to society when someone is killed on the road is also about £2m: “Losing a life in a road collision isn’t just a personal tragedy, it too is expensive.”

Ruth riding on the now-removed Albion Way pop-up cycle lane

Ruth says the dangerous crossing prevents more people from enjoying the Downs Link: “A safe crossing will not only save lives and injuries, but it will mean that this stretch of the Downs Link becomes accessible to far more people including children, older people and those with disabilities.”

A bridge would also be the “one missing piece” to unlock the “huge untapped potential for the Downs Link to be a key part of the wider National Cycle Network and to boost our local leisure and tourism economy.”

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