Dave Walker, the “Cycling Cartoonist” whose drawings are enjoyed all over the world has thrown his weight behind the campaign for a bridge at the dangerous A281 crossing.

Dave Walker – the “Cycling Cartoonist”

His cartoons are sparse but expressive and have been used by Cycling UK in several of their nationwide campaigns. His latest book of cartoons “A to B: A Cartoon Guide to Getting Around by Bike” is now available.

Why we love cycling – one of Dave’s popular cartoons

Dave who lives in Essex often rides the Downs Link when visiting relatives nearby and says he enjoys the “excellent and unique” traffic-free route for cycling in a beautiful area of the country.

“A bridge is desperately needed so that people can safely enjoy this fantastic route.”

You can support the campaign by writing to your local County councillor, displaying one of our posters and signing up for email updates.