During the lockdown of summer 2020, Nick Moffitt, who lives in Ealing and organises charity bike rides from London to Amsterdam, took his pre-teen daughter on a bike ride from Guildford to Brighton on the Downs Link.

What should have been a pleasant experience turned into an unforgettable nightmare when they reached the crossing of the A281 at Rudgwick.

Choosing the moment to give his daughter “the best chance of reaching safety” she made it across the road but then skidded on the loose gravel and fell, fortunately away from the fast moving traffic on the A281.

Nick Moffitt and the “terrifying” crossing of the A281

Of his family’s ordeal Nick says: “This could be a regular route for families travelling to the south coast, but for that to happen this terrifying and deadly crossing needs to be fixed.”

How many other families are put off using the Downs Link by the lack of a bridge across this dangerous road?

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