Richard Landeryou, Horsham District Councillor for Rudgwick Ward, disagrees with West Sussex County Council’s recent announcement that rather than pursuing a bridge they are investigating the cheaper option of a Pegasus crossing which they say provides “similar benefits to a bridge”.

According to Richard, “the bridge guarantees no further deaths or injuries to users of the Downs Link, a Pegasus does not.”

Richard Landeryou, Horsham District Councillor for Rudgwick

Richard, who used to chair Rudgwick Parish Council where the crossing is located, queries the speed data used in the feasibility study commissioned by WSCC: “The speed analysis in the feasibility study seems to have measured traffic speed at some other location and needs revising.”

A bridge, whilst initially the more expensive option looked at in the study, is not only clearly the safer option but with its longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs could work out cheaper per year: “£2m is the cost of guaranteed safety which a bridge will bring, the Pegasus will in the long run prove to be a false economy with the ongoing maintenance costs and potential danger to road users.”

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