After visiting the site where Pathushan Sutharsan was killed two years ago the MP for Horsham Jeremy Quin says he “remains concerned” and is sceptical that a Pegasus crossing would be the solution: “I am not certain it would actually represent the best value for money option – and is not the safest option available.”

WSCC commissioned a feasibility study into the options to make the crossing safe and stated that a bridge was their “preferred option” but – citing cost as an issue – they are currently investigating the cheaper Pegasus option. However, Mr Quin has asked WSCC to think again: “My strong preference is for a bridge and I believe a swift analysis of the Pegasus option would be likely to highlight its practical difficulties and additional costs.”

Jeremy Quin, MP for Horsham

“While a Pegasus Crossing is in theory the cheaper option I struggle to see (clearly as a complete layman) how it would work given the contours of the road. It would also require street lighting and for this an electricity supply.”

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