Melody Pilgrim who is deaf and partially sighted is a keen walker, runner and cyclist who regularly uses the Downs Link. She chooses the Downs Link because it’s near her home in Horsham and it offers a safe environment.

There’s just one problem: the A281 crossing at Rudgwick. For Melody “crossing the main road at the A281 is impossible, an incredibly dangerous crossing due to the extremely busy traffic”.

Downs Link user Melody Pilgrim who is deaf and partially blind in one eye

Melody says that as well as being set in beautiful countryside the Downs Link is a vital resource for the health of the local community. She used the path when training for the London Marathon and it helped her to rediscover her joy of cycling.

“For everyone’s safety, I would urge the council to build a bridge so that everyone within the local community has equal opportunities and access to be in a safe environment without the risk of being seriously injured or killed by the oncoming traffic.”

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