The Sussex Ramblers have joined the growing list of organisations calling for a bridge at the dangerous crossing of the A281 on the Downs Link at Rudgwick.

David Purcell, West Sussex Area Footpath Officer for the group, said: “The current crossing presents a very significant risk to all users due to the high volume of traffic using this road, made worse by the limited line of sight and visibility to the west. Urgent action is needed to provide a safe means of crossing this busy road.”

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David points out that the road crossing at Rudgwick, and the sloping approach to it, “constitute a major barrier to this section of the route being enjoyed by a diverse mix of users.”

“A bridge over the A281 would segregate all users from the road traffic with no disruption to traffic flow, and would finally open up this section of the route to a more diverse user community.”

You can support the campaign by writing to your local County councillor, displaying one of our posters and signing up for email updates.