The continuing danger posed to users of the Downs Link by the lack of a safe crossing of the A281 was evident during the British Heart Foundation charity bike ride held last Saturday.

The yearly London to Brighton Off-Road Bike Ride follows the Downs Link from Cranleigh to Southwater as part of its route.

Filtering past the tributes to Pathushan Sutharsan who was killed by an HGV here last year, all the 2750 riders had to run the gauntlet of the lethal crossing.

Passing the tributes to Pathushan Sutharsan

The organisers were forced to put a marshall in place at the crossing to guide riders across.

Despite the “mitigating measures” put in place by West Sussex County Council following Pathu’s death the danger of the crossing remains unchanged. It was a miracle no-one was hurt or killed.

Remarkably, WSCC’s guidance for organisers of events on the Downs Link makes no mention of the danger posed by the crossing. It was clear on the day that riders were unaware that they were approaching an uncontrolled crossing of a busy road with fast-moving traffic.

Waiting to cross the road

This remains (another) accident waiting to happen.


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