Last Saturday riders on the London to Brighton Off-Road Bike Ride were seen streaming along the Downs Link between Cranleigh and Bramber on their way to the coast.

The charity bike ride which is held annually in aid of the British Heart Foundation involves crossing the A281 at Rudgwick where Pathushan Sutharsan was killed during a similar bike ride in 2020.

Just as at last year’s event a safety marshall was needed to help riders across the road.

The ghost bike at the crossing

A ghost bike in memory of Pathushan was placed at the crossing. Ghost bikes are an internationally recognised way to raise awareness of the death of a cyclist on the road.

The ghost bike in memory of Pathushan Sutharsan

The safety marshall was heard saying to the riders as they approached the crossing:”It’s a busy road and they won’t stop for you”.

How long will people have to tolerate this dangerous crossing before a bridge in Pathushan’s memory is finally built?

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